Neville Gabie

Factory Works – for Factory International, Manchester

Factory Works – a film for Factory International

In addition to the vinyl album Neville Gabie produced a film with Mark Thomas of Soup Collective giving a glimpse behind the scenes in some of the factories involved in building Aviva Studios.


Factory works commissioned by Factory International, Manchester

Factory Works Project Launch – Aviva Studios, home to Factory International and Versa Studios 23rd September 2023

FACTORY WORKS.    A project by Neville Gabie

Music by Nabihah Iqbal & Neville Gabie with the construction workforce of Aviva Studios, Manchester, England

Commissioned by Factory International

Celebrating the construction workforce behind Factory International’s new home, FACTORY WORKS is an artwork in the form of a vinyl record.

Created by artist Neville Gabie and musician/DJ Nabihah Iqbal in collaboration with construction workers and manufacturers involved in the creation of Aviva Studios, the record mixes industrial sounds and snippets of conversations with workers – all underpinned with original electronic music.

Neville Gabie is known for creating works that respond to people and places in moments of change. Focusing on the core materials that form the infrastructure of Aviva Studios – steel, concrete, cloth, rubber, wood and glass – FACTORY WORKS was made over a two-and-a-half-year period from Spring 2020 to Autumn 2022.

Every worker from the factories together with the whole on-site workforce will receive their own copy of the vinyl album.

For more information and to buy a limited edition Vinyl Album see:



Pass, Shoot, Goal

Pass, Shoot, Goal – Touchstones Gallery Rochdale May/June 2022 

A collaboration by artists Alan Ward and Neville Gabie the immersive installation is a response the one of footballs first ever songs recorded by Gracie Fields in 1932. Born in Rochdale, Gracie was a passionate football fan. The concept of this installation was to have the words of the song reinterpreted into numerous languages and performed on the terraces at Rochdale FC. We worked with the Nigerian Community Choir, The Rochdale Dialect Choir, The Retired Choir, The Ukrainian Choir and with a Hindi Singer and Sitar player. Whilst the installation is now over, we are currently making a single screen version of the filmed work.

The project included the production of a limited edition publication 

Two Posts and AnField

Two Posts and AnField Published By Pitch Publications ISBN 9-781801-501996

Is a collaboration between Neville Gabie and Stephen Done, curator of the Liverpool Football Club Museum. It is part travelogue following the journey of Mo Salah from Nagrig, Egypt to Liverpool. It tells the story of Avi Cohen the first Jewish Israeli player to sign for Liverpool and it considers the challenges of Liverpool’s first Black player, born in Toxteth and paving a way for the stars of the future. The book includes many hidden treasures from the Museum Archive as well as several of Neville’s goalpost photographs. 


Me, Myself, I – Artists Self Portraits

Me, Myself, I, curated by Tessa Jackson OBE for the reopening exhibition at the RWA Bristol 2022 included a work by Neville Gabie entitled Nachum

  Exhibition Text

‘My grandfather’s brother, after whom I am named, had this
photograph [on right] taken in Riga, in the 1920s. He, along with
my great grandparents, was shot dead in Riga in 1941 and this
is the only remaining record. Had he lived he would have been
59 when I was born. So in my 59th year I wanted to make a
self-portrait [on right], which made a connection across that
broken divide. Having the garments replicated revealed that
they were either borrowed or hand-me-downs, as they are
clearly too large. It suggests the family were not wealthy.
The reasons for the original photograph remain unclear,
perhaps it was an attempt to get documentation to leave the
country and join my grandfather in South Africa. He looks out
anxiously into a future he did not know. I look back into the
past and the unbreachable chasm between us.’ Neville Gabie

 Nachum means ‘comforter’ in Hebrew 

There is an exhibition catalogue with text by Tessa Jackson and Lara Perry ISBN 978-1-911408-88-8


Football: Designing The Beautiful Game

 Football: Designing The Beautiful Game

The Design Museum, London 7th April – November 2022 

Six photographs from Neville’s archive of one thousand two hundred images are included as part of this significant football exhibition.  The Observer and Guardian Newspapers have used in a printed article and online in advance of the exhibition opening featuring these and other images from the archive .

A publication from the exhibition is also available ISBN 978-1-872005-61-4 




Living-Language-Land at COP 26 

We are coming very close to the end of this first phase of Living-Language-Land – sharing 26 words from minority and endangered languages to offer fresh inspiration for tackling our environmental crisis.

Next week on Wednesday 3 November (13:30-14:30) we’ll have the exciting opportunity to share the project in person at the COP26 Green Zone in Glasgow, Scotland! The event should be livestreamed on the COP26 Youtube Channel and a calendar invite is below. We would be so delighted if you could join us virtually in Scotland, and share the event with anybody you think might be interested.BBAdd this event to your calendar

We have also put together a short film reel about the project that will be played in the British Council pavilion in the Blue Zone And we are continuing to talk about the project everywhere we can!

This project has been co-curated by Neville Gabie and Philippa Bayley and is funded by The British Council Creative Commissions For COP26



More Together Than Alone

More Together Than Alone – East Quay, Watchet until 3rd January 2022 


Curater By Neville Gabie and Tessa Jackson OBE, More Together Than Alone is the opening exhibition of this amazing new arts, cultural and social building in the heart of Watchet, Somerset. The vision of the Onion Collective, East Quay Watchet is a new model for social enterprise.

As the first exhibition it was vital to involve the community – to support young talent and to place East Quay at the forefront of international contemporary practice. So alongside Neville’s own work, we commissioned Deanna Payne, a young performance poet to make a new work, as well as inviting internationally recognised Suzzane Lacy form LA to exhibit a previous work made in response to a former mill workers community in Pendle. Central to all the work, and the inspiration behind much of it was an invitation to anyone in the local community to make an artwork in a bottle which summed up ‘the essence of Watchet’. Without being able to work directly with the community during Covid, these bottles made by more than 100 people, guided the direction and shape of the exhibition.


For more detailed information about the exhibition and East Quay Watchet, please see;


Whats Left – Neville Gabie, Jeremy Wafer, Wood & Harrison, curated by Tessa Jackson

Centre of Gravity – Gardner Haskins Building Bristol 25th September 2020 – 31st October 2020 

Whats Left – A three person Exhibition of artists Neville Gabie, Jeremy Wafer and Wood&Harrison, curated by Tessa Jackson as part of Centre of Gravity project. This exhibition occupies to whole of the third floor of the former warehouse. For more information and directions see;




A six week screening programme curated by Tess Charnley for the Danielle Arnaud Gallery 

20th April – 30th May 2020 

Neville Gabie’s film Experiments in Black and White XXXemerges from research he was commissioned to do in 2019 by UCL (University College, London, Trellis Commissions) into the impact of Motor Neuron Disease, which included visiting with Mrs Begum, a woman in the last debilitating stages of the disease. Much of that initial research remained unresolved until it found a fusion with Neville Gabie’s  own concerns in performance, drawing and endurance. With the artist in a fixed position, his shoes nailed to the floor, Experiments in Black and White XXXexplores the very limits of reach and movement. Confined to the studio, in a strange irony this work only found its final form during the last few weeks’ COVID-19 induced lockdown, a time when all our social interactions and movements have been drastically limited.

short press release

Ittarkitari – To&Fro – Cample Line Gallery Dumfries Scotland

Ittarkitari – to&Fro – film screening Cample Line Gallery 31st August 2019 

Curated by Tina Fiske / Susan Christie / Emma dove, the programme featured performance based films by Japanese artist collectives and three filmed performance works by Neville Gabie 

Aesthetica Art Prize 2019

Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition runs 8 March – 14 July 2019
York Art Gallery, Exhibition Square, York, YO1 7EW

Neville Gabie’s performance based video work Experiments in Black and White XXII has been selected for this years exhibition

m2 Gallery Peckham, London 16th September – 11th November

m2 Gallery Peckham – a performance work and video installation.

On Sunday 16th September 2018 Neville Gabie did a live performance involving breaking up a large boulder of chalk with which to draw on the prototype m2 Gallery Pavilion designed by Ken Taylor Architects. See

The pavilion also contains 4 windows each with a video installation of work by Neville Gabie. 

All the photographs of the performance were taken by Anthony Coleman

Experiments in Black and White at the M2 Galley, Peckham

Sunday 16th September 2018, 4-6pm

We are launching the new 4 x m2 Gallery pavilion with an exhibition and performance event by Neville Gabie.  Neville will be showing work both in the m2 Gallery and the new pavilion.

This event is part of the Peckham Festival.

Since his Leverhulme funded residency with the Cabot Institute at Bristol University in 2012, Neville Gabie has continued to develop a body of work entitled Experiments in Black and White.
The reference is intended to reflect on the scientific approach to research, which seeks absolute clarity and concrete answers through processes, which are often speculative.  Gabie’s ‘Experiments’ on the other hand have at their outset the task of a single straightforward action, but one, which inevitably results in the unexpected.
For the M2 Gallery Neville will create a new performance work using a large block of chalk. This will inform a series of film-based works to be exhibited in the new m2 pavilion.
Neville Gabie is represented by Danielle Arnaud Gallery –

Cambridge Rules 1848 – Launch

Cambridge Rules 1848     Parker’s Piece Cambridge.   A sculpture by Neville Gabie and Alan Ward

Cambridge Rules 1848 sculpture by artists Neville Gabie and Alan Ward was launched on Parker’s Piece Cambridge on May 12th 2018 with two football matches taking place – a Men’s and Women’s, Town’s V Gowns celebration of the location of the first written rules of football in the modern era. 

The sculpture marks the location, Parker’s Piece, Cambridge, where the first rules for football in the modern era were written in 1848. The concept of the sculpture is a single piece of granite, 3 metres tall and 1.5 metres wide, with the rules inscribed on the cut outer edges in numerous languages. This huge block was then split into 9 vertical columns, of which 4 are located on Parker’s Piece.

Each of the other 5 stones will be installed at 5 different locations around the world, Brazil, Kenya, India, China, Egypt, to acknowledge how football has spread around the world to become so international.

The project has its own website, which anyone can contribute to. Please see;

Experiments in Black ans White

Experiments in Black and White

Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London 13th January – 17th February 2018 Co- curated by Danielle Arnaud and Tessa Jackson

                                                  performance photograph – David Rickard

‘Whilst artist in Residence with the Cabot Institute, Bristol University, I spent some time with staff in the department of mathematics. One professor I spoke to talked about his ongoing research to ‘measure and define infinity.’ That whole conceit struck me as being as close to the elusive nature of art itself as anything else. Watching him work was also a revelation. He worked on three large blackboards with chalk and a duster, writing and rubbing out a whole series of equations, moving from one to the other with such speed and intensity, that the whole experience required great physical exertion. He was engaged in what is perhaps the frontline of pure maths, but working with one of the most ancient of natural materials, chalk and in doing so, particles, many millennia old, were being broken to dust as they fell to the floor. When he had finished I was curious to know why he worked in what seemed like a basic way with chalk and a board. Why not a computer? His answer itself made such sense in relation to my own practice. What he talked about was the relationship between the hand taking a physical action and the speed and way in which the brain, his brain, could process his thoughts. The understanding and the processing of thought through action, is exactly the point at which our work intersects.’ Neville Gabie

This is Neville Gabie’s third solo exhibition at the gallery, which includes photography, film and a performance work by the artist. The exhibition has been developed in partnership with Tessa Jackson and is intended as the basis for a much larger exhibition of the artists work.

Gallery Photographs by Oskar Proctor


Please see the attached Exhibition Text by Tessa Jackson; Exhibition text by Tessa Jackson

Please follow link to an Exhibition Review by Cal Revely-Calder, Apollo Magazine

Please see the attached PDF; DANIELLE ARNAUD – Neville Gabie 2018 PR

Breaking Ground – The publication SHORTLISTED

Breaking Ground – The publication

SHORTLISTED – Breaking Ground was shortlisted for the prestigious William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2017. Just seven sports books from several hundred put forward were shortlisted for the awards at the BAFTA building, Piccadilly, London. Whilst we did not win the award, for a crowd-funded arts publication to make such a shortlist, was unique in itself.

The project an publication was reviewed and featured in numerous national and local newspapers as well as on radio 4, Yorkshire Television etc.

See PDF for some of the links; web links for breaking ground – website

The edition is now sold out.


Cromarty Film Festival

Cromarty Film Festival

Cromarty 1st – 3rd December 2017

Neville Gabie was invited as a guest speaker and to screen his film Afloat – [filmed in Achiltibuie, Western Highlands 2012/2013] as part of the festival programme.

MINE – The film will always be you

MINE – The film will always be you

Latrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria, Australia – 3oth September – 3rd December 2017Curated by Latrobe Regional Gallery, Australia / Modern Art Projects South Africa.

The exhibition features South African artists film-based works from a programme conceived by Abrie Fourie for Modern Art Projects South Africa and first screen at Tate Modern, London. Neville Gabie’s work Experiments in Black and White XIII, filmed in Richmond, South Africa documents the artists 8 hour performance work standing on a block of ice whilst it gradually melted.

Publication PDF;170922 MINE Lantrobe_

Constructing Connections: Fiction, Art and Life

Constructing Connecting Private view 12.30- 3.30pm Sunday 10th September 2017

Croxteth Hall, Liverpool L11 1EH

This summer artists Neville Gabie, Patricia MacKinnon-Day and Paul Rooney have been re-reading Robert Tressell’s The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists creating an exhibition around its themes and in the context of Liverpool’s Croxteth Hall stately home.

See Jess Holtaway’s blog at:


Four schools have been invited to run a parallel project.  (more details of this to follow)
Please join us at Croxteth Hall for the official opening on Sunday 10th September . The artists will be there to talk about their ideas inspired by Robert Tressell’s novel. This will be followed by tours of the house and exhibition.

A pay what you can mini bus will leave William Brown St at midday, & return at 4pm. Wine/paybar. Seats bookable in advance

Project is funded by Liverpool City Council, ACE, John Moores University and the Tressell Foundation


Conmstructing Connections – V2

Neville Gabie – Launching a New Website

Neville Gabie Goalpost Photographs

Neville Gabie has just launched a new website featuring a selection of photographs taken over the last 21 years of football goalposts from around the world. This selection is a small glimpse of the over 1200 images he has taken in 5o different countries. Work from his archive  has been exhibited at three World Cup Finals, in Japan/Korea 2002 – Germany 2006 – South Africa 2010. He has also exhibited the work extensively around the world in Portugal, Germany, Macedonia, Switzerland, at FIFA headquarters and in the UK including at Tate Liverpool and Tate Modern.

The website has been designed by Sebastian Ward, Axis Graphic Design, Manchester

Please take a look.



Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground – Art Archaeology and Mythology

National Football Museum, Manchester England March 27th 2017 – June18th 2017

A selection of the work made as part of the onsite project in Bradford will be on exhibition in the main gallery of the National Football museum. Breaking Ground was funded by the National Football Museum and Arts Council England with lead artist Neville Gabie, archaeologist Jason Wood and artist/graphic designer Alan Ward.

AIR: Visualizing the invisible in British art

AIR: Visualizing the invisible in British Art 1768 – 2017

RWA Bristol 16th June – 3rd September 2017

Bringing together the work of artists in a major exhibition of historic and contemporary artists practice in response to this singular theme. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue. 

Neville Gabie exhibited Collective Breath, a project first commissioned by Jeni Walwin and Tammy Bedford as part of the WOMAD World of Art projects for WOMAD 2014.



Fountain 17

Fountain 17 – Touring Exhibition – Hull [April / May] – London [June] – Stoke -[October 2017]

Neville Gabie was invited to make a new work as part of the exhibition programme Fountain 17. It brings together two key historical events – the 100th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s Urinal and the 200th anniversary of the company Armitage Shanks. With an historical connection to Hull, the exhibition was commissioned as part of Hull’s artistic programme for Capital of Culture 2017.

Neville Gabie spent several days at the factory works where the very simple notion of remaking a urinal as a functional drinking fountain actually required a major process of remodeling. Duchamp’s Urinal significantly changed the way we think about art from a conceptual perspective. The intention of recreating it as a functional drinking fountain stems from the idea of inviting the audience to become ‘active participants’ with the work

Fountain 17 – exhibition Stoke



Public View

Public View – Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool 4th Feb 2017 – 23rd April 2017

Curated by Gallery Director Bryan Biggs, the exhibition brings together work by 100 different artists who have previously exhibited at the Bluecoat Gallery. Neville Gabie exhibited 6 goalpost photographs as part of the exhibition – 3 taken in Liverpool and three from Belfast Ireland


Ladies of Gent – a project by Neville Gabie and Alan Ward


Ladies of Gent – a project by Neville Gabie and Alan Ward

Commissioned by East Street Arts and ExSports, Artists Neville Gabie and Alan Ward chose to develop a project with KAA Gent Ladies Football team. Given the lack of funding, poor support and discrimination experienced by many women’s football teams, the artists decided to produce a football type sticker book celebrating the achievements against all odds of these dedicated players.

Ladies of Gent – players visit the publication on press at Graphius- the book launch and pop-up exhibition

Ladies of Gent – a film by Seb Ward









Breaking Ground.


Breaking Ground.

Breaking Ground is a newly completed project by Lead Artist Neville Gabie with the National Football Museum and funded by Arts Council England. Working alongside archeologists Jason Wood and Chris Gaffney and with artists Alan Ward, Louise O’Reilly, Giorgio Garippa and Oliver Palmer, the project involved a two week dig over two years on the former football ground of Bradford Park Avenue. The book launch will be followed by an exhibition at the National Football Museum in November 2016.

Breaking Ground Book Launch – Horsfall Stadium, October 2016


SEE Selected Projects for more information 

Stades: Past and Future


Stades; Past and Future. Olympic Museum, Laussane, Switzerland 13th October 2016 – 7th May 2017 Neville Gabie’s work as artist in residence for the Olympic Delivery Authority during the construction of the Olympic Park in Stratford, London has been included in this survey exhibition of the building of Olympic venues. In addition to the exhibition, which includes a catalogue, the work Freeze Frame, made by Neville Gabie on the Olympic Park and based on Seurat’s Bathers at Asnieres has been purchased for the Olympic Museum Collection.

Freeze Frame light-box installation at the Olympic Museum, Switzerland
Freeze Frame light-box installation at the Olympic Museum, Switzerland




Pier Arts Centre, Orkney – September 3rd – November 5th 2016

Curated by Susan Christie in partnership with the Pier Arts Centre

A solo exhibition of work by Neville Gabie, which includes projects from Antarctica, Achiltibuie, Western Highlands, Scotland and WOMAD. Neville Gabie will also be showing some of his performance based works and will do a performance in the gallery on the opening weekend. The key theme of the exhibition is based around a number of collaborative projects, most notably AFLOAT, a film developed over 18 months with a small coastal community on the west coast of Scotland. Other collaborative works include Collective Breath – a work made with the collected breath of 1111 festival goers at Womad Music Festival, commissioned by WOMAD World of Art Curators, Jeni Walwin and Tammy Bedford; A project developed between the artist and his wife Joan based on Neville’s 4 months spent in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey [artists and writers programme] and a film made with Semra Yusuf a bus driver on the Olympic Park London during construction.

The exhibition has an accompanying catalogue with an introduction by the Pier Arts Centre Curator Andrew Parkinson, an essay by Moira Jeffrey and a text by Susan Christie, who commissioned Afloat.

There is also a complete transcript of a open gallery discussion between Moira Jeffrey and Neville Gabie. for a PDF please follow the link  neville-gabie-and-moira-jeffrey

Further information and film footage of the Chalk Performance in the gallery, as well as gallery views, please click onto the Pier Arts centre link below;




experiments in black and white VIII copy


Video still from Experiments in Black and White XIII – an eight hour performance in Richmond, Northern Cape Province South Africa, 2015


Nexus – The museum of Art Craiova, Romania

August 19th – October 9th 2016

Artists; Paul Neagu, Constantin Brancusi, Tony Cragg, Marianne Eigenheer,

Neville Gabie, Anish Kapoor, Vlad Nanca, Nona Inescu, Nigel Rolfe.

The Exhibition curated by Simona Nastac, supported by the Paul Neagu Estate and Fundatia Triade, focuses on the works of Paul Neagu, the influence on his practice by Contastin Brancusi, and the subsequent influence that had had on a whole generation of artists. The exhibition, which includes Brancusi’s The Kiss, also has early darwing works by Tony Cragg, documentation of a performance by Anish Kapoor and three performances in the gallery during the exhibition by Neville Gabie, Nigel Rolfe and Vlad Nanca and Nona Inescu.

‘Thirty four years ago, in 1982 when still a 23 year old student, I traveled to Tirgu Jui, in Romania specifically to see Brancusi’s most significant public work – the Endless Column, The Kiss Gate and The Table of Silence. Prior to going I had written a letter to Paul Neagu asking him about the work. His reply was that if I really wanted to understand Brancusi I needed to go and see for myself. He was absolutely right. That experience and the work has significantly  influenced my own practice ever since. All those years ago it was not possible for me to get to Craiova to see Brancusi’s first version of The Kiss. Seeing that sculpture now moved me to tears – and to be performing my own work less then ten feet away was an experience I will always cherrish.’ Neville Gabie

See PDF for more information.NEXUS-Craiova

Further images and a film of the performance to follow





The Weight of Iron Carried from China for You

audio recording - Blast Furnace C - KISCO Kunming









KISCO furnace 6 Kunming China – audio recording 2016

The Weight of Iron Carried from China for You

Belval Luxembourg – opening 2nd July 2016

Neville Gabie was selected along with nine other international artists to work on a residency/commission in Belval Luxembourg. The project invited artists to work in response to a former Iron plant – once part of Luxembourg’ very significant iron production industry. Of the three iron furnaces, two are now preserved as national monuments and one, the most modern, was sold to China in 1996. Neville Gabie tracked it down and visited the still operating furnace at KISCO steelworks in Kunming China. With an invitation from the state owned company he traveled to China assisted by Stuart Ward. Together they recorded the sounds of the functioning furnace as well as sounds from the working and residential community of the KISCO village. This work will be presented as a three month audio installation in and around the concrete foundation remains the furnace in Luxembourg. An accompanying film will also be screened on a separate location.


Please see attached press release for information about all the artists work – dates and times

You are invited to Behave

Bideford Black – The Next Generation

Untitled-2 copy

Bideford Black: The Next Generation Burton Art Gallery, Bideford.

3rd October – 15th November 2015

Joan and Neville Gabie have been working on a collaborative commission with Social Geographer Ian Cook on a series of film based drawings, working with the pigment Bideford Black, a naturally occurring carboniforous pigment, once mined in the area. . The body of work entitled ‘Dust’ includes a five screen video installation, a ‘cabinet of Curiosities’ containing some of the experimental work with plastic and rubber, and a suit worn by the artist.

Commissioned by Claire Gulliver, Carolyn Black, and funded by ACE and Torridge Disctrict Council, the exhibition includes the work of artists; Sam Treadaway; Neville + Joan Gabie; Corinne Felgate; ATOI; Tabatha Andrews; Lizzie Ridout; LittleWhitehead; Luce Choules; Liberty Smith.

Thanks to Hampton Colours Limited for their support in working with the pigment in plastic- and to Artimis of Melksham for their help in developing a rubber compound using Bideford Black

Aesthetica magazine exhibition review;

Film trailer for Bideford Black – The Next Generation

Myself and Others – Danielle Arnaud Gallery 19th September – 25th October 2015

Wide Eyed and Legless - video still      02 - A film for Yappi     SEMRA

Myself and Others will bring together recent works by Neville Gabie made in response to people and place. What holds the work together is the idea of’ performing a task’ whether that is swimming, boat building, or simply standing on a block of ice.

The exhibition includes works that are personal performative responses to different situations. Three different films will be screened over the course of the exhibition, involving the active participation of others.

Friday 25th September 6.30 pm Sarah Weir will introduce Neville Gabie’s film Semra – 2015

Sunday 4th October 4pm Moira Jeffrey and Susan Christie introduce Neville Gabie’s Film Afloat – 2014

Saturday 17th October 4pm Sam Wilkinson introduces Neville Gabie’s film Cabot Circus Cantata – 2008

Myself and Others – exhibition text by Moira Jeffrey


A film for Yappi – based on meeting Yappi in Richmond, Northern Cape Province, South Africa, Neville Gabie developed this installation work as a tribute. This exhibition is the first opportunity to see that work.

Semra – is a new film by Neville Gabie, which tells the story of Semra Yusuf, bus driver on the Olympic Park during construction and a serious swimmer in her own right. It is a personal story about a young woman moving to England and the challenges she faced. This exhibition is the first screening of the film

For more information and press release see the PDF below

NG_PR Myself and Others_2015-1

Wall Street International Feature

The Film Will Always Be You – South African Artists Films – Tate Modern, London July 2015

tate flyertate screening

A weekend of South African Artists Films curated by Abrie Fourie, MAP Projects and Zoe Whitley, the Tate Gallery, the programme has been supported by the SA-UK Seasons, a partnership between the Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa, and the British Council.

Neville screened a filmed performance which involved standing on a block of ice whilst it melted. Filmed in Richmond, Northern Cape Province, South Africa, the five minute film is an edited version of an eight hour performance.


peter haring 02

AFLOAT – a film commissioned by Susan Christie – IOTA [Inverness Old Town Art] developed in response to the small crofting community of Achiltibuie, in the North West Highlands of Scotland. The film follows the construction and competitive racing of a seaborne rowing skiff.

Funded by Creative Scotland the film was screened at several venues in Scotland, Ireland and London.

Venues in Scotland; The Gathering, Achiltibuie – Findhorn Arts Festival – Anstruther Fisheries Museum.

Ireland; Kinsale Arts Festival

London; Floating Cinema.

WOMAD 2014 – July 2014


Neville Gabie was commissioned by Jeni Walwin and Tammy Bedford to be the visual artist at WOMAD 2014. Over the four day festival Neville screened several films at different locations. In addition he developed a new work ‘Collective Breath’ specifically for the festival. He was supported by a team of art students who work under the name MOULD, based at Stroud Valley Artspace.


On Big Drawings October 2014

on big drawings

Columbia College Chicago – Group exhibition curated by Friedhard Kiekeben. Video projection of Experiments in Black and White VII.

Archiving Oil– Rock Store, Earth Sciences Bristol University. May/June 2013

archiving oil bristol june 2013 - V SMALL

Neville Gabie spent eighteen months working part-time as artist in residence with the Cabot Institute at Bristol University, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The Cabot institute brings together academics and scientists from all departments and across several universities, researching risk, uncertainty and climate change. Whist there Neville worked with three materials in particular, Ice, Chalk and Crude Oil.

Towards the end of the residency, working with Social Geographer Merle Patchett and archivist of the Geology Collection, Claudia Hildebrant, a number of the films were installed in the ‘Rock Store’ in the basement of the University. It was an opportunity to show the work to a public audience in an area of the university which is never normally open.

The Greatest Distance– Danielle Arnaud Gallery Jan/Feb 2013

the greatest distance danielle arnaud janfeb 2013 V SMALL

The Greatest Distance is a self funded project developed after completing the residency on the Olympic Park during construction. It was developed in response the the numerous opinions about the forthcoming Olympic Games and it’s perceived impact on London. Neville invited anyone to write a suggestion as to where the furthest place away from the opening ceremony would be. Based on those suggestions a panel was set up to chose where Neville should go. The panel made up of; David Lillington, critic, Sarah Butler, author, Bill Drummond, artist, Danielle Arnaud, gallery director, Jason Wood, sports historian and archaeologist, Sam Wilkinson, arts consultant, selected a journey to Paris and a visit to see what had happened to the site of their failed bid.

The resulting film and a publication including the full texts of the 100 suggestions was exhibited at Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London

Exploring Solitude- Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery, March 2012

exploring solitude march 2012-V SMALL

Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery – Gardens Gallery Cheltenham.

Neville Gabie and Joan Gabie were commissioned by the Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery, funded by New Expressions 2 to make a new work in response to the archive collection of Antarctic Explorer Edward Wilson. In response they completed a project begun whilst Neville was in Antarctica. During his time there he sent a daily email describing his experience. In response Joan did a daily drawing. The work as a whole considers the challenges of communicating over such long distances using contemporary technology. As a comparison their work is book-ended with a letter written by Edward Wilson as he lay dying in Antarctica, with a telegram written by his wife Ory from New Zealand to family back in the UK. The letter and telegram were written three months apart when Edward was already dead and Ory was still under the illusion that all was fine.

The exhibition included a film installation – works on a monitor – original drawings and the limited edition publication

Landscapes of Exploration – Peninsula Gallery Plymouth Jan 2012

03 Antarctica

A touring exhibition curated by Liz Wells, Professor of Photography at Plymouth University. The exhibition brings together for the first time, the work of artists and writers who have been to Antarctica as part of the British Antarctic Survey / Arts Council artists and writers programme. Neville Gabie spent four months traveling to and resident at Halley Research Station, the most southerly British base in Antarctica. He is the only artist to date who has been allowed to be based at Halley Research Station.

The exhibition is due to tour to; The Scott Polar Institute and Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge – The Gallery, Bournmouth University in 2013 / 2015