Neville Gabie




Commissioned as Lead Artist to develop a new work for the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail and to curate a programme of temporary projects in 2000/01.

‘Last year whilst walking around the forest I noticed a group of trees marked with white lines. In conversation with a forester I was told that these trees were being measured annually to calculate their volume and growth rate. It lead me to thinking – How would you calculate the volume of so random a form as a tree? What would that volume look like if you changed it’s shape and what space would it’s absence create in the canopy if a mature tree was removed?’

A desire to explore some of these questions was the basis of this work. Selecting a mature Oak in  a dense stand of tree, it was carefully cut down, every piece being processed into cubes of wood. The final work is a solid cube of material constructed using every piece. It sits in an open space once occupied by the tree, marked now by a space in the canopy above.


was a programme of temporary works by four artists/groups invited and curated by Neville Gabie with the support of Bruce Allan and Sam Wilkinson. The artists; Reinhild Beuther, Stefan Gec, Philip Reilly, Filmbrigade Nord developed a range of works including film screenings, projections, choir performances, photography and work with a local brick factory.