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Up in the Air Publications


Up in the Air

The first project publication published in 2001 and featuring the work of artists; Leo Fitzmaurice, Neville Gabie, Grennan & Sperandio, Dirk Konigsfeld, Kelly Large & Becky Shaw, Philip Reilly, George Shaw, Chloe Steele. The publication has in introduction text by Neville Gabie and a text ‘On Being A Tourist’ by Russell Roberts, Curator of Photography, National Museum of Photography in 2001

Funded by ACE Year of the Artist and Liverpool Housing Action Trust


FURTHER Up in the Air

The second project publication featuring the work of artists and writers in descending order from the twenty second floor to the ground: Will Self, Tom Woolford, Vittorio Bergamaschi, Jordan Baseman, Julian Stallabrass, Anna Fox, Marcus Coates, Stefan Gec, Bill Drummond, Lothar Gotz, Gary Perkins, Greg Streak, David Mabb, Leo Fitzmaurice, Catherine Bertola, Neville Gabie, Paul Rooney, Elizabeth Wright. Texts include a short story by Will Self and an autobiographical story by Bill Drummond. a conversation with some residents and an afterword by Paula Ridley, Chair of Liverpool Housing Action Trust and by Leo Fitzmaurice and Neville Gabie, project co-0rdinators

Published by Further a Field in 2003, ISBN 0-9545778-0-9  Distributed by Cornerhouse Publications and designed by Alan Ward, Axis Graphic Design

Funded  ACE, Lottery, Capital of Culture, Liverpool Housing Action Trust



With the last tower block on the estate demolished a final project was launched. All the artists and writers who had been involved were invited to submit a project proposal to be developed on the new ‘low – rise’ housing development that had replaced the blocks. Futhermore… is a book of unrealized project proposals from artists;Jordan Baseman, Vittorio Bergamaschi, Marcus Coates, Bill Drummond, Leo Fitzmaurice, Anna Fox, Neville Gabie, Stefan Gec, Lothar Gotz, Grennan & Sperandio, Dirk Konigsfeld, David Mabb, Gary Perkins, Philip Reilly, Paul Rooney, Becky Shaw, Julian Stallabrass, Chloe Steele, Greg Streak, Elizabeth Wright, Tom Woolford.

Published by Further a Field in 2004, ISBN 0-9545778-1-7 distributed by Cornerhouse Publications, designed by Alan Ward Axis Graphic Design

Funded  ACE, Lottery, Capital of Culture, Liverpool Housing Action Trust