Neville Gabie

MOMART Tate Liverpool


MOMART Artiist in Residence, Tate Liverpool 1999/2000

In 1999 Neville Gabie was appointed artist in residence at Tate Liverpool. Whilst there he developed a series of works responding the the empty feeling and sense of dilapidation in the city at the time. Under the heading ‘An A-Z Of Empty Spaces’ he made three specific works.

Paradise Street – a walk around the whole city relocating household rubbish found on the streets

One Hundred Pieces – a hundred items of furniture found on streets, each photographed and catalogued with date and location of find recorded.

Triangular Trading – red, yellow and blue objects found on the street traded between the locations of the three ferry crossing points on the Mersey, Wallasey, Birkenhead and Pier Head

It was whilst working as artist in residence at Tate Liverpool that Neville Gabie first came accross the three tower blocks in North Liverpool and began developing an idea for what eventually became Up In The Air