Neville Gabie

Neville Gabie is represented by Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London

‘The personality of an artist always comes out in his work and for Neville Gabie it is an interest in people and his innate humanity which surfaces.’ Tessa Jackson OBE Independent Curator .

‘Gabie’s precarious on the landscape reflects the situation of the traveler, of the outsider whose transitory presence…lacks the security of tenure and comfort of familiarity. Yet it is this very rootlessness that opens up opportunities for a dialogue with those people who inhabit the land and creates the conditions for a participatory engagement with the site’ Marco Marcon, International Art Space, Perth Australia

‘Neville Gabie likes to pass through places [though that can take him three years] and his engagement with these places is such that one would think about each new place that he belonged there. But then what is belonging? And one has to consider his interest in people who for one reason or another, feel themselves displaced.David Lillington, Writer and Critic.

‘Gabie is an accomplished interventionist, skilled at fusing factual information and raw materials and employing a lightness of touch to draw out meaning from the everydayAldo Rinaldi, Independent Curator

‘In involving the construction workers from the very beginning, Neville demonstrated once again the unshakeable generosity, curiosity about people and fierce democratic spirit that runs as a seam through all of his work’ Peter Jenkinson, Independent Cultural Advisor

Neville Gabie was born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1959 and has an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art London

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