Neville Gabie



A six week screening programme curated by Tess Charnley for the Danielle Arnaud Gallery 

20th April – 30th May 2020 

Neville Gabie’s film Experiments in Black and White XXXemerges from research he was commissioned to do in 2019 by UCL (University College, London, Trellis Commissions) into the impact of Motor Neuron Disease, which included visiting with Mrs Begum, a woman in the last debilitating stages of the disease. Much of that initial research remained unresolved until it found a fusion with Neville Gabie’s  own concerns in performance, drawing and endurance. With the artist in a fixed position, his shoes nailed to the floor, Experiments in Black and White XXXexplores the very limits of reach and movement. Confined to the studio, in a strange irony this work only found its final form during the last few weeks’ COVID-19 induced lockdown, a time when all our social interactions and movements have been drastically limited.

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