Neville Gabie

The Weight of Iron Carried from China for You

audio recording - Blast Furnace C - KISCO Kunming









KISCO furnace 6 Kunming China – audio recording 2016

The Weight of Iron Carried from China for You

Belval Luxembourg – opening 2nd July 2016

Neville Gabie was selected along with nine other international artists to work on a residency/commission in Belval Luxembourg. The project invited artists to work in response to a former Iron plant – once part of Luxembourg’ very significant iron production industry. Of the three iron furnaces, two are now preserved as national monuments and one, the most modern, was sold to China in 1996. Neville Gabie tracked it down and visited the still operating furnace at KISCO steelworks in Kunming China. With an invitation from the state owned company he traveled to China assisted by Stuart Ward. Together they recorded the sounds of the functioning furnace as well as sounds from the working and residential community of the KISCO village. This work will be presented as a three month audio installation in and around the concrete foundation remains the furnace in Luxembourg. An accompanying film will also be screened on a separate location.


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