Neville Gabie

Bideford Black – The Next Generation

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Bideford Black: The Next Generation Burton Art Gallery, Bideford.

3rd October – 15th November 2015

Joan and Neville Gabie have been working on a collaborative commission with Social Geographer Ian Cook on a series of film based drawings, working with the pigment Bideford Black, a naturally occurring carboniforous pigment, once mined in the area. . The body of work entitled ‘Dust’ includes a five screen video installation, a ‘cabinet of Curiosities’ containing some of the experimental work with plastic and rubber, and a suit worn by the artist.

Commissioned by Claire Gulliver, Carolyn Black, and funded by ACE and Torridge Disctrict Council, the exhibition includes the work of artists; Sam Treadaway; Neville + Joan Gabie; Corinne Felgate; ATOI; Tabatha Andrews; Lizzie Ridout; LittleWhitehead; Luce Choules; Liberty Smith.

Thanks to Hampton Colours Limited for their support in working with the pigment in plastic- and to Artimis of Melksham for their help in developing a rubber compound using Bideford Black

Aesthetica magazine exhibition review;

Film trailer for Bideford Black – The Next Generation